Chicken Chakna At Green Restaurant & Bar

Mumbai is the City which can satisfy all your food cravings. You can find Chinese food type in every alternate restaurant and food joints.

Green Restaurant & Bar, a well-known restaurant in Dadar, Mumbai, specialises in Chinese food. If you are craving for Chinese food this place won’t let you down.

Green Restaurant & Bar :

Located in Shivaji Park area of Dadar (Right next to Dadar Chowpatty), is Green Restaurant And Bar, a popular place where people of all ages flock all day round to hang out and socialize with friends, have a drink, and a few plates of extremely good Chinese and other dishes.

Green Restaurant & Bar started with a small shady joint and is serving customers since mid-90s. In 2005 owner revamped the place completely and now you can see is the 3rd version of this restaurant.

Serves                    : Chinese

Cost for two        : 500 INR (7.56 $) (without alcohol)

.                                : 900 INR (13.6 $) (with alcohol)

Food                       : 7/10

Ambiance             : 6/10 (During day time)

.                                : 9/10 (After sunset)

Service                   : 7/10

Value for Money : 7/10

Overall                    : 7.5/10


Bar Counter :
Bar Counter
Bar Counter

The corner no one can miss once you are in is the bar counter. Perfectly placed in front of Television with low back bar stools placed in front of the bar counter. That’s the place you want to  be when a match is going on on Television.

Ambiance :

As you can see I have rated this restaurant in two different parts, viz., daytime and after sunset, since the lights and decor during evening and night time takes this restaurant to the next level.

Another thing that I liked was the back-ground music. When we entered the music was little loud but the staff is friendly and fixed the problem as soon as I told one of the waiters about it. Also, there is a Television set where one can watch any football or cricket match and I must tell you, watching an intense match in such a wonderful environment with a beer in hand will be an awesome experience.

Menu :

The menu is divided into two different parts, viz., food menu and bar menu.

1- Food menu is common menu including starters, main course followed by deserts but

2- Bar menu not only includes beverages but also the menu for quick bites while enjoying alcohol. I found the quick snack on this menu unique.


What You Should Order : Chicken chakna, Kheema pav Bites, Fish and chips, Egg fried rice, Triple Shezwan, Yong Chow

Kheema Pav : 5.5/10
Kheema Pav Bites
Kheema Pav Bites
Kheema Pav
Kheema Pav









The 1st dish that we ordered before Chicken Chakna was Kheema Pav. We were searching the best Kheema (minced chicken/mutton cooked in different spices) in Mumbai so we had to try Kheema here as well and it was good but not good enough as I have had better one before

It had peas and lots of oil in it. Oil was actually flowing down on my plate but that’s what gave it that awesome taste. Also, I could taste some garlic in there. The quantity was enough for 4 pav.

Chicken Chakna : 10/10
Chicken Chakna Balls
Chicken Chakna Balls

This was the dish that made our day. Chicken Chakna was suggested by many foodies and we were so excited to have it. It was so yummy that we finished that full bowl of Chicken balls within 5 minutes even though the quantity was good enough. Chicken Chakna is basically deep fried chicken pakoras, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. It was like small balls of tasty chicken pakoras. Inside it had minced chicken and chillies along with other spices. It was served with Shezwan Sause.

Even though Chicken Chakna is from their bar menu you can eat it irrespective of if you are having alcohol or not but I must agree that its the best snack you can have as quick bites when you are enjoying your beverage.

Triple Shezwan : 7.5/10
Chicken Triple Shezwan
Chicken Triple Shezwan

For the main course, we ordered Triple Shezwan which was suggested by the management and it didn’t disappoint us. The Portion size was huge almost good enough for two. As the name suggests (Triple) there were three food parts in this dish, viz., Omelet, Shezwan Rice and Gravy. The Gravy was actually topped on the rice and omelet was pretty big which completely covered on rice and gravy.

The chicken pieces in rice were so tender that pieces were just falling apart in the mouth. There were few pieces of Mushroom as well and the gravy was topped by some fried noodles. The gravy and rice combination was so flavourful and perfectly done that we didn’t need any extra sauce to add.

Candies : Here is a little treat at the end you get along with your fancy bill box, some mint candies. Oh yes, they give you a handful of mint candies with the bill.

Offers :

They generally have offers on alcoholic drinks and beer buckets. The offers change once in a while. When we visited the restaurant, the offer was on beer buckets and buy 2 get 1 free on all alcoholic drinks.

The only thing this restaurant needs is Happy Hours as the area in mainly dominated by students and youngsters.

Total Bill : 880 (800 + 80 service tax) (13.3 $)

This is the bill for three people without alcohol. We ordered three dishes.

Opening Hours : 12 PM to 12 AM

Contact info : 022-24458160 ; +91-9930431949

Adress : 

223, Shivnath, Ranade Road,

Near Dadar Chowpatty,

Dadar Shivaji Park,

Mumbai – 400028.

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